The Tests

Theory Test

Part One – Theory Test (multiple choice)

This part of the test is delivered using a touch screen computer. Before the test begins you will be given instructions on how the test works. For cars and motorcycles you’ll be asked 50 questions in 57 minutes and the minimum pass mark is 43 OUT OF 50.

Part 2 – Hazard Perception

You will be shown a short tutorial video clip about how the hazard perception parts work. This part of the test is also delivered on a computer screen but you respond by clicking a button on the mouse. There are 14 CLIPS in total where there’ll be at least one developing hazard, although be aware that one clip will feature two developing hazards. Clicking early when a hazard first develops will score highest. The pass mark for the hazard perception is 44 OUT OF 75. It is important you prepare properly for your test.

Practical Test

Booking The Test

You can book your test online at

When booking online you will need:

  • a valid uk driving licence
  • a theory test certificate number
  • a valid debit or credit card for payment

Alternatively you can book your test by phone on 0300 200 1122.

The test currently costs £62.00 (weekday) or £75.00 (weekend). You need to give 3 clear working days notice in order to change or cancel the test online or by phone.

Taking the Driving Test

The driving exam will last approximately 40 minutes. At the start of the test you will have an eyesight check. Your examiner will ask you to read the number plate on a stationary vehicle approximately 20 metres away (failure to do this will result in the test being canceled). You will then be asked a vehicle safety question.

These questions are designed to get you thinking about the very basic safety checks that you should be carrying out in order to ensure your vehicle is safe. Some of the questions involve you having to lift the bonnet to identify where various fluid levels are located.

Pupils are usually asked 2 questions, one before you start driving, and another during the test. An incorrect answer will result in one driving fault being recorded.

There are a number of pre-determined routes. However, the route may be varied by unusual congestion, road works etc. During the test you will be asked to carry out one of the following:

- pull up on the right and then reverse for two car lengths, reverse into a parking space on the road, or park in a car parking bay. On some tests, you may be asked to stop the car suddenly under a controlled stop simulation (as in an emergency).

Try to forget the examiner and you’ll feel less nervous. Remember, they’re not going to ask you to do anything out of the ordinary. All they’ll ask you to do is drive around as you would during a lesson.

Drive in a thoughtful, business-like manner. Keep up with the other traffic but be careful to obey speed limits at all times. If you are unsure about a direction, immediately seek clarification.

Use good observation skills and don’t let other motorists put you under pressure. If you realise you are taking the wrong road, do what is safe and continue the turn that you are indicating.


A sudden change of direction without proper observation and signaling will constitute a serious fault.

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